I have always been fascinated by mountain landscapes and the colors and patterns in
nature; the movement and line of water over river rocks, lenticular cloud contours that
hang over mountain tops, and the flowing curves and whorls of wood grain that form the
natural biologic structure of trees. I find a meaningful relationship between the inner,
structural beauty and mystery of trees, and our own inner anatomical and mindful spirit.
After a 30 year medical practice in neurology, I changed careers. I apprenticed (12 months)
as a resident artist in studio arts and sculpture at Thunderhead Press of Nevada and
as a resident artist in sculpture (12 months) at Virtu Studio Inc., Nevada. As an emerging
sculptor and installation artist I exhibit my work internationally.


2013 - Phoenix Center for the Arts *
"One Hundred Degrees in the Shade"
Phoenix, Arizona

2013 - Process Art House Gallery
"Forces of Nature"
Amarillo, Texas

2013 - Gunnison Arts Center
"Archetypes & Wilderness"
Gunnison, Colorado

2012 - Brooklyn Art Library
"Second Life - A Sketchbook"
Brooklyn, New York

2012 - Arizona Science Center
"My Blue Sky" - Van Gogh Alive Invitation / Resident Artist
Phoenix, Arizona

2012 - Governors State University
"Ways of Making:
University Park, Illinois

2011-2012 - Primo Piano Livingallery
"Password: A Triology of the Words"
Lecce, Italy

2011-2012 - TCI Gallery Space
Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance
Tucson, Arizona

2011 - Siena Art Institute
Founder, J. Paul Getty III
"Drawing Connection"
Siena, Italy

2011 - Primo Piano Livingallery
"The Dream Merchant"
Lecce, Italy

2011 - Upstream People Gallery
"13th Annual International" (3Awards)
Omaha, Nebraska

2011 - Virtu Studio, Inc.
"The Night of Red, White and Blue" An Installation
Tucson, Arizona

2011 - Tucson Open Studio Tour
"Natural Selection" Sculpture Installation
Tucson, Arizona

2010 - Virtu Studio, Inc.
"The Giant Green Spoon" Sculpture Installation
Tucson, Arizona

* indicates solo exhibit/installation
Education & Residencies:

2008 - Artist in Residency - Sculpture
       Virtu Studio, Inc.
       Tucson, Arizona

2007 -  Artist in Residency - Sculpture
        Thunderhead Press  of Nevada
        Carson City, Nevada

1972 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuropharmacology
       University Goteborg, Sweden
1970 - Residency - Neurology
       Washington University Medical School -
       Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
1966 - Medical Degree: Northwestern University
       Medical School, Chicago, Illinois
1962 - Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry:
        Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Professional & Academics:
2007 - present: Professional Sculptor
1985 - 2007: Private Practice Neurology, Tucson, Arizona
1981 - 1985: Associate Professor, Neurology/Pharmacology                           
                  University Arizona, Tucson
1974 - 1981: Assistant Professor Neurology,
 Columbia University, New York City
1968 - 1969: Captain, Medical Corp, US Army

International Sculpture Center
Society for the Arts in Health Care