Stuart Ross Snider
In my artwork, I use hand and
power tools, a variety of
pigments, paints, resin
suspensions, and mica powders
to develop layers of reflective
patina.I construct  individual
pieces, which range from
6 inches to 12 feet,as well as
installations. My sculpture is
a means of recovering the
inner spirit of the tree,  bringing
it to life again, and revealing
its extant artistic form
and meaning.

Personally, my re-creations
of these trees are the most
believable representation
of life after death that
I have encountered.
I work intensely and intimately
with the wood by hand, body,
muscles,and all of my senses
until its spiritual light scintillates
anew -- a resurrected second
life that is entirely different
from the original tree.

My sculpture is inspired by
a primal force that exists
within high altitude forests.
Especially, there is a spirit
in trees that reveals itself
in objective form 10-50
years after it has been burned
or died and fallen to the forest
floor. The outer bark and pulp
layers have decayed away.
I harvest the nearly fossilized
heartwood, which is partly
buried in the earth beneath
the natural detritus.

My work begins with the
formal elements of the
tree's inner core. The graceful
and sweeping lines, flowing
curves, and whorls
of wood grain convey
a unique archetype of
artistic expression. There is
a meaningful relationship
between the inner, structural
beauty and mystery of
trees, and our own inner
conscious and unconscious
minds and spirit.